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Palin on SNL: Chevy Chase desperate for damage control

“Stuck in between the tip of Bethesda and Mazza Gallerie?” I was asked. No, no, no, wrong Chevy Chase. Although I could understand that person’s confusion, since that part of Wisconsin Avenue is probably more well-known than the washed-up actor who now is trying to backpedal for his alma mater, Saturday Night Live, in the wake of an apparent Palin popularity surge.

Sarah Palin appeared on SNL last weekend after much speculation and received a respectable welcome from the audience. Alec Baldwin, perhaps best known these days for breaking his promise to leave the country, stood alongside her but his most noticeable trait that night was his seeming inability to read his lines without a teleprompter. And at some moments, even with. He also looked, if you don’t mind the bluntness, rather skanky.

As for Sarah, well she was her usual classy self. She stood alongside the great buffoon as he insulted her up and down, playing his role of pretending not to realise she was the real Palin (knows his great friend Tina really well, hey?). Meanwhile Palin just let it all bounce off of her–don’t let the role playing fool you, she knows these are not merely “scripted insults,” and is sure-footed in her ability to blow them off–knowing, probably, Baldwin was the one who would appear the fool, in and outside of his persona of the night.

In the second skit with Palin, “Weekend Update,” Amy Poehler, about 15 months pregnant God bless her and keep her, said she thought she could perform Palin’s rap routine. According to the script, the governor had been doing some thinking and decided that her role in such a routine would not bode well for the dignity of the presidential campaign. (In “real life” not a few silly people believed Palin was actually supposed to do it and really refused.) Instead she grooved to the music with arm gesticulations and facial expressions that…well, I better leave that alone. Let’s just say she is really attractive and knows how to dance.

So back to Chevy Chase. (I know, I know.) Here he is via Hot Air trying to say it was a “mistake” to allow the popular Palin to appear on SNL:

“Quite frankly, it’s a big mistake to let her go on,” Chevy told Access Hollywood at the Give Food a Chance benefit in New York. “What was brilliant about [‘SNL’ chief] Lorne [Michaels] was that he had nothing written for Sarah and that apparently she cannot improvise herself out of a paper bag!”

“On ‘Weekend Update,’ that was her big chance,” he said. “Nothing.”

What a dork. (There’s a word I learned over at Ace’s blog that seems so fitting for Chase at this moment, but I’m not ready to make that leap.) Palin is not a comedian and that’s why there’s a script, you knuckle dragger. What’s more, she didn’t have to say anything for people to love her, which is more than can be said for him. Imagine that: someone can receive such positive attention for being herself. It should be noted the nation has been abuzz about the appearance and ratings for SNL went up higher than what they had been in 14 years. Lorne Michaels admits to some gratitude for Palin:

“I think the gods smiled on us with the Palin thing. Like if he [John McCain] had chosen Romney, I think it would be completely different,” “SNL’s” executive producer Lorne Michaels told The New York Times.

Personally I think Chase is sincere when he says it was a “mistake,” but disingenuous as to why: he can’t stand Palin, obviously, and his preference is that she do something stupid to make herself look bad. Not only did she not fulfill his dream during the Saturday appearance, but also she came off as very likable and didn’t put much effort into it. She was just herself, had fun, and was loved for it. Even many who don’t care for her have expressed appreciation for her appearance and carriage, and complimented her ability to be a good sport. Chase tries to pass off his “concern” as being for the show’s creative integrity (or some such crap), but it is painfully obvious he is concerned not only about the ratings boost, but a potential rise in popularity amongst those who didn’t like her before. Or maybe that they got a glimpse of the real Sarah, as opposed to the caricature he and his ilk try so desperately to pass off, and may start to think for themselves.


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Wealth redistribution: how it works

You get to hand over your cash, and they get to distribute it.

Now don’t you feel better knowing your money will be going to subsidise such a noble lifestyle?

Filed under the “Must be nice” category next to “Is that where my donation went?” Later to be transferred to “That was part of my child’s uni fund.” Potential cross reference to “Depression planning” and “Faux potato famine.”

Thanks to richard for the tip.

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The continuing saga of leftist vitriol, anger and violence

Uh, thanks, Allah. Almost lost my breakfast.

That was really funny, Terry Tate, did you think that up all by yourself? Or did you have to have Sandra Bernhardt in on a brainstorming session with you?

Well, Allah gives some background on this joker who apparently has some fans, although I personally can’t imagine what sort of humans could find this remotely amusing. “Unfunny” doesn’t even begin to describe how vile and disturbing not only this piece is, but anyone who could like it.

So let me review this again: there’s Madonna telling an audience of thousands how she is going to kick Sarah Palin’s person, Sarah Bernhardt raging-fantasising about Palin being gang raped, an artist’s depiction of Sarah Palin’s faced being punched so hard a tooth is knocked out and the glasses fly right off her face, and a mock up of someone pointing a gun at Palin’s head. And now this joker with his own twisted damp dream acted out to the framework of an already perverted Reebok commercial spot. How long ’til this becomes mainstream?

It’s not an unreasonable question given how there has been such a small amount of outroar coming from the press–if any at all. And why? Because they don’t like Palin’s political positions? Isn’t this supposed to be a country in which people can openly speak and tell their ideas–protected by the First Amendment? Since when do we go around perpetuating violence against those we disagree with? Of course there have always been “hits” on political figures, i.e. assassinations and attempts, and while not getting into any discussion on the merits of those, what I’m looking at here is the alarming phenomenon of public and private figures promoting and almost advocating physical aggression and violence–because they don’t like what someone said.

What happened to the days when you just didn’t vote for them?

We all know about schoolyard bullies and the routine theories re: how insecure they are, etc. Could these otherwise ordinary (word use relatively in some cases) beings be so threatened that killing or severely harming Palin makes them feel better about themselves and their insecurities? There’s an imbalance in this description, because “insecurity” seems too small a word to stand parallel and in partnership with the violence being promoted these days.

I also have to wonder: “Why Palin?” No, I’m not saying that in consideration of why Hillary wasn’t the object of such attacks. (Although Clinton did endure some abuse coming from self-hating idiots.) No, what I’m thinking about is that surely some of these people dislike John McCain as much as they do Sarah Palin. So how come nobody’s making the moves against McCain? Not that I am asking for it to happen, of course; it would be just as despicable. But the fact that he is a man can’t stop itself from crossing my mind, and the horrible consideration that even amongst the female population, violence against women not only is still acceptable, but also can be considered funny, especially when the intended target is someone who disagrees with them.

This is perhaps nowhere better reflected than in some of the video responses at the YouTube site itself, such as:

Maaan, she deserved that! Hilarious.


pretty sure dr. king would find this pretty lol-worthy


Get used to having a black president, you racist moron. Obama is going to win. And he’s the better candidate too.

Not only were there few comments that directly objected to the depiction of a large man crashing into a small female (what in real would have killed her), but there were ones such as the last (above) that justified it with the implication that she had it coming because of the alleged racism inherent in the McCain campaign and its supporters. In fact, the first reply I quoted above comes out and says, “[S]he deserved that!” And in failing to recognise their own out-of-control behavior and irrational ways of, erm, thinking, there even is the assertion that Martin Luther King would have approved.

By the way, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was Joe Biden’s baby. Why isn’t he speaking up against this monstrous trend?

With the Obama scare measures against freedom of speech already happening, a bunch of pre-pubes dressing up in fatigues to worship their candidate, children being indoctrinated to sing love songs to him, the proposal of some sort of civilian gang (funding same as the actual military’s) and now tacit approval of violence against Obama critics, I’m not only still wondering how far this will go, as I wrote last time, but also when the American Cultural Revolution starts.

Oh yeah: The media are spreading fears about “Republican anger” on election night. Snort.

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Paranoia and violence on the left

First we have one reporter claiming he heard a supporter at a McCain/Palin rally shout out, “Kill him!” when Obama’s name came up. Based on only that word, newspapers around the US reported the story and hyperventilated about how concerned they are supporters of the right are “gripped by insane rage.” There were accusations and statements about Sarah Palin whipping supporters into a frenzy and crowds getting out of control.

Nevermind that for the past eight years threats, calls of death wished on Bush and others, and all manner of insults and extreme statements have been openly uttered without any whinging from the MSM.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out this whole “Kill him!” story may have been a mere fabrication. The Secret Service could find no evidence the incident ever occurred. (Via Ace)

OK, let’s review for a moment: One reporter claims he heard something, newspapers and commentators across the country pick it up with no questions asked, and the left is “outraged.” When questions are asked and no evidence is found, the left remains “outraged” and the editor only has something to say about “facts reported [being] true.” My question is this: What facts?

But that’s not the end of it. While the hypocritical left stand by and watch all this, and watch their messiah all but advocate tearing down the life of a man who dared to complain about his tax policies–

–they make sure the world knows about an incident in which a pair of young men at a Palin rally were “beaten up” by a couple of 65-year-old women a few days ago.

I would be included in those who normally condemn such, ehem, atrocities given I don’t condone violent actions to get a point across. Truth be told, however, I’m not having a great deal of sympathy with people who seem to be “ignorant” to the facts regarding repeated attacks, physical and verbal, on McCain/Palin supporters and their property. Property? Some may find it absurd I am making a case out of this, but the truth is that for many this sort of thing too often has been the precursor for what is yet to come: worse. Sarah Bernhardt on gleefully about Sarah Palin being gang raped, Madonna telling a concert audience she would kick Sarah Palin’s person; it’s not surprising their fans and leftie supporters, who tend to be one and the same, follow their despicable examples, or take it upon themselves to show the world their own insane rage:

*Obama supporters in Philadelphia sported “Sarah Parah is a [disgusting vulgarism referring to female genitalia]” t-shirts and yelled “Let’s stone her, old school” over the weekend.

*An Internet artist has designated Palin an “M.I.L.P” – “Mother I’d Like to Punch” – and published a drawing of a man’s fist knocking a tooth out of the Alaska governor’s mouth and the glasses off her face.

*“ABORT Palin” grafitti has sprouted on the sidewalks of Seattle and “Abort Sarah Palin” bumper stickers are spreading on Web stores.

*Sarah Palin-bashing Madonna performs before an audience of thousands, screeching and threatening to “kick her a**.”

*Getty Images publishes a photo of a man pointing a fake gun at the head of a cardboard cutout of Palin on display at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition building.

And no one blinks. Not a peep from the Obamedia.

But when Sarah Palin simply spotlights Obama’s longtime relationship with Weather Underground bombing terrorist Bill “We Didn’t Do Enough” Ayers?

“Inciting violence,” frets NBC reporter Ron Allen. “Concerned…for Senator Obama’s safety,” agonizes ABC reporter Terry Moran. “Beyond the pale,” cries Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. As if the no-holds-barred Obama campaign has ever had a rhetorical pale to stake.

All the world’s a Kabuki stage for the selectively outraged over rage.

So where were they all this time when this was going on?

And how about a month ago when a female McCain supporter was beaten over the head with the stick from a sign by a leftie who had this to say of his actions:

“It’s just those signs, and this election, it has me so upset.”

(Via Ace, here’s the direct link.)

What has happened to a country in which the most powerful newspapers look completely the other way when women are beaten up by the supporters of their candidate, the one they are so in the tank for that they fail the people of the United States by neglecting to report the most important details about Barack Obama but send out the cavalry and get the vapors because a plumber in Ohio, who dared ask The One a question, goes by his middle name? (Breathlessly they report, “And his name isn’t even Joe, it’s Samuel! Joe is his middle name!”)

About two months ago I thought I was being chicken shit and not living up to my duties as a responsible citizen by proclaiming my support not only for McCain, but also Palin, of whom I am a constituent and supporter. I was concerned my car would get keyed or broken into, neither of which I can afford as the single parent of a small child. But now, though they remain concerns, they appear to be the least of them. With such escalation of violent acts that go unpunished–nay even unreported–I can’t help but wonder: Will I be hurt? Will my child? These people seem to have no reservations about doctoring pictures of an eleven-year-old, spreading nastiness about an infant and his mother, mutilating property and drawing obscene scenes of abject violence–it’s so commonplace and accepted by so many on the left that I can no longer use ordinarily reliable measurements of decency to predict where it will end.

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From American dream to unemployed thanks to Barack Obama

This blog of mine is fairly new and very small compared to so many others. I’m OK with this, especially because I know that if even a few people read it and talked to others in their real-life environment about the topics, it could make a real difference. And this is one topic that really needs to be spread around as much as is possible to spread. What has transpired–that someone ask for some accounting and been attacked for it–is repulsive and not at all representative of our nation. These are the tactics of National Socialists and have no place in our society. The following is taken from the Sundries Shack and worth spreading far and wide.

Pay attention, folks. This lesson is important.

The progressives have made a very definitive statement today. They have said that if you dare to speak out against their Chosen One, they will not only smear you and broadcast the details of your life to the world but they’ll also deprive you of your livelihood.

A couple of days ago, Joe Wurzelbacher was just a regular guy with a house and a son and a dream of one day seeing his hard work pay off with a better life. Then Barack Obama showed up in his front yard. Now, thanks to the Obamessiah’s brownshirts, he is likely to lose his job as a plumber.

Wurzelbacher registered as an apprentice with the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council in November 2003, according to Dennis Evans, spokesman with the Department of Job and Family Services. Records show his training, which was sponsored by A & W Newell Co. of Toledo, should have been wrapped last year.

“We don’t have a record of completion,” Evans said. “All we know is that he registered in the program and has gone through to the point where we should have record of completion, but we don’t.”

And that’s not the only record that’s missing from Wurzelbacher’s file. He doesn’t have a plumbing license required by the city of Toledo to practice, according to a staffer with the Toledo Division of Building Inspection. Wurzelbacher, who now works for Newell Plumbing & Heating Co., said the owner, Al Newell, has a plumbing license and that “because he works for someone else, he doesn’t need a license.”

But even that’s not true, according to the Toledo Division of Building Inspection. Wurzelbacher can’t legally do plumbing work without a license, regardless of his boss’s certification.

A staff person with the Toledo Division of Building Inspection told On Call this afternoon that her division will contact Wurzelbacher to notify him that he can’t work without a license.

“We’re trying to track him down,” she said.

Ace says this is the doing of “Toledo officials” but it isn’t. They’re just doing their jobs. They would have had no reason at all to look into Wurzelbacher if someone hadn’t dropped the dime on him. It could have been one of those self-important union jerks quoted in the article. It could have been one of Obama’s blogger mob. Heck, it could even have been a journalist. But someone squealed and demanded that Plumber Joe be investigated.

I’m going to lay this at Barack Obama’s feet. He’s not oblivious to what the left-wing blogs nor the MSM are doing. At any point he could have contacted a reporter or two, maybe a couple or three bloggers, and told them to lay off. He could have called off most of the dogs in a hot second and it would have taken him no real effort at all. Heck, he could have had one of his people – David Axelrod, say – make the calls and it would have taken him mo more effort than a short conversation.

But he didn’t. He let this continue. In a day or so someone will ask him about it and he’ll feign ignorance or innocence or whatever ploy happens to be getting him out of the spotlight that day. In the meantime, Joe Wurzelbacher’s going to end up without a job. And he didn’t do a damned thing but disagree with Barack Obama.

Doesn’t this make you even a little angry? It makes me bloody furious.

The Anchoress says that Obama has told the entire country “…don’t dream too big. Don’t dare to dream too big, because if you do, we’re just going to chop you down to size, so that everyone is the same” It would have been bad enough if he had stopped there. But he let the mob rage and plot.

And now…this.

I wonder if he’s proud of what has been done in his name? I wonder if he’s smiling right now?

(via Hot Air)

UPDATE: You want to know what Barack Obama was doing instead of calling off his rabid mob? He was making fun of Plumber Joe.

Click here for some facts about this disgrace perpetuated by Barack Obama.

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So tell me again: Why are you voting for Obama?

“For the election, Obama or McCain?”

“I like Obama.”

“What don’t you like about McCain?”

“McCain seems to not really know what he’s doing right now.”

“Are you more for Obama’s policies because he’s pro-life or because he thinks our troops should stay in Iraq and finish this war?”

“I think our troops should stay in Iraq and finish this war. I’m really firm with that, definitely.”

“OK. Now how about as far as him being pro life? Do you support Obama in that case?”

“Yeah. I do. I do support him in that case.”

“And if he wins, would you have any problem with Sarah Palin being vice president?”

“No I wouldn’t, not at all. Not at all.”

“So you think he made the right choice in that?”

“I definitely do.”


This is one example of three people interviewed on this tape, and while I understand that there are going to be supporters on both sides who confuse or don’t even understand policies, I don’t dismiss the considerations of those people who wonder that some Obama supporters–black or white–don’t even seem to care what he supports. It’s all over the place and the race card is being played hard and strong by Obama supporters, including the MSM, in reference to virtually anything said by McCain/Palin or anyone who supports them.

I’m wondering if I should be more nervous, though, that some people hold voting cards and seem to think Obama’s running mate is Sarah Palin.

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I [heart] plumbers

I saw this first over by Ace.

So had Joe Wurzelbacher been a doctor, would Obama still be mocking him? Probably, but I’m wondering what excuse he would have used since elitism couldn’t be his base. I’m also curious about those in his audience, those cultish followers and mindless automatons who laughed when Dear Leader derisively said, “A plumber!” As if he is incredulous and absolutely floored that anyone could possibly want even to associate with a plumber, let alone support one. Are every single one of those polished beings employed in professions that float above the dirtiness that is life? Is not a single one of them thinking to him or herself that perhaps their own paychecks or contacts just might come from suspect associations?


Yeah, let’s talk about associations, Führer. Since you seem to think yours are so much better than McCain’s, and by extension ours, tell us what it is that makes that so. What is it we are missing? Could it be that we peasants simply are not intellectually equipped to make judgments as to what is going to engage us in a life worth living? Maybe our origins automatically bar us from having a say in who we should be listening to? Isn’t your party supposed to be the one that stands for respecting other people’s realities and experiences? Or does that just count when they are given your stamp of approval?


“Snob” is too weak a word for this anti-American creep. I’m not sure there is a word strong enough for the thoughts I am having, but I’m not going to waste my time right now searching for it. I’ll say instead I’d rather be friends and associate with an honest plumber any day of the week before I would even want to be in the presence of a lying, thieving, infanticide-supporting shite like Barack Hussein Obama. It so totally doesn’t matter that Wurzenbacher is unlicensed, owes back taxes, or that his potential company can in no way ever project to make 250K$ annually. The question was asked, it deserved–nay, was required–to be asked, and the enquirer is now being punished. This is not what is meant to represent the United States of America and my greatest wish at this moment is for the people of this great nation to see Obama for the fraudster that he really is.

Oh yeah: Sorry, Allah, it all amounts to the same, no matter how you dress it.

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Maybe those t-shirts were misprinted?

Totally ripped off from Treacher.

Since we’re on the topic, check out this as well. And as I like to say: don’t forget the comments.

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Joe Biden: I’ll miss him like I miss…Teresa Heinz Kerry

I’m so relieved the chance of me getting a j-o-b-s next summer seems a bit more realistic now that Joe the Plumber has done a little eye-opening for the nation. That is to say, if McCain gets elected, taxes won’t go up, businesses won’t go down, bosses will still be hiring.

And as always that bit of relief was provided by the Gaffemeister Joe Biden, whose experimental-level invented spelling gives us new reason to trust our own instincts against a guy whose knowledge of television history is apparently no better than Katie Couric’s. (Reminder: Couric is a televison anchor who doesn’t seem to know when the medium was invented.)

OK, let’s give credit where credit due. Biden at least tries to know when to keep his mouth shut.

I’ve been able to perk up thanks to Dr. Jim. Of course his job was made easier by the fact that I don’t have TV, but the advice to “get outta here” was well heeded. I fell asleep and when I came to there was no Joe anywhere. In fact, thinking back on it, I hadn’t heard about him for days. Was it because he is hidden away, or has the debate simply taken over the waves? Whatever the reason, he’s gone. And I sort of miss him.

Remember the days when Teresa Heinz Kerry used to say things like “shove it” and pass judgments about what constitutes a “real” job? Now we have Michelle Obama providing the entertainment as she reminds us how her husband will rescue us from our pathetic lives–although she, too, has been kept under wraps for a while. And the Obama campaign has been relying on the media toxicity Treacher references to do us in while we have nothing to diffuse it–no Teresa, no Joe, no Michelle. For awhile we had Alaskan weaponry that kept the infection at bay, but then it renewed its attack with every bit of determined-to-decimate power it had, and the one by one went inhabitants of the blogosphere and real life in some sort of Malthusian population control probably viewed by those on the left as providential. Not only were they ruthless, but also delighted.

Biden had been providing the standup to get us through those trying moments, but they may have realized he was the unwitting antidote because then suddenly he was gone. We were left flailing and sinking until someone finally said, “Get a grip.” And enter Joe the Plumber, who questioned the Dear Leader without flinching an eye; he may be the subject of folk songs currently being written, and things seem to be looking up. Ace seems to be making a nice recovery (while not getting giddy) and although I had my doubts about Allah, he appears to be trying.

Of course, the real answer will come 4 November and until then Joe’s cape design will be on hold since the left will be obliged to go through his trash, but I can safely say that even if the polls don’t read as I’d like them to, I have good reasons to believe they won’t result in the onset of buboes: 1) lies anyway; 2) PUMAs; and 3) that cold turkey bit was a godsend.

In the meantime, I’m hoping they’ll slip up and send the Gaffemeister out again, perhaps deluded by some idea they usually have that the debate for them was a smashing success and nationwide recognition of the racism inherent in every single word coming from our mouths (fingertips) only discredits us. Since they perceive ordinary Americans to be very stupid, they probably don’t believe that “95% of taxpayers” eventually starts to ring bells with these people, sort of in the same way as when an agency claims “100%” results. Even a five year old recognizes on some level that homogenous thought is not natural: a few days ago, while engaging in gross exaggeration I said something about “everybody” parading around in love with Obama; overhearing me my son replied, “Well, not everybody.”

Well, if McCain wins, I suppose we have liberal rage to look forward to–you know, Susan Sarandon-type attacks, more whinging about “stolen” states and of course there probably will always be those only too willing to disgrace themselves in public via their intellectual “wit.” (Think black shirts with neon green letters.) I wonder if Joe will be toddling along for the ride or still chasing after people with his idiotic, fomenting spit. Och well, no worries. It was medicinal while it was needed, but hopefully I can move on to missing his charm about as much as I miss what-I-probably-am-not-allowed-to-say-because-it-is-racist.

PS: Sign of Ace’s further recovery.

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Chris Matthews: Rangoon, wherever that is

Sarah Palin doesn’t know enough about constitutional law or Supreme Court cases to suit some people, who seem to think this dearth of knowledge comes from her having failed to travel to as many countries as they believe she ought to have done.

Perhaps Chris Matthews should have been required to travel to Rangoon before being awarded his degree in journalism, or even his job. If he had, surely he would not soon forget it is the capital of Burma, aka Myanmar. Sure, Rangoon is now known, thanks to the thugs who run this southeast Asian country, as Yangon, but who cares about details?

I do! If Chris Mathews is going to go around posing as a journalist, a person whose job it is to say the news, then I expect him to know the news and where the places he is talking about actually are. I mean really, he did know there was a big storm there, didn’t he?

And perhaps actually what the new is. Matthews, who could barely keep his moaning in check, trilled, “An African-American, someone whose father came from Kenya, has been chosen by the American voters to succeed George W. Bush”? Um, excuse me? When did this happen and where was I on voting day?

A moment later the “journalist” compares this news to the opening of the Berlin Wall and the all-race voting in South Africa, “and it could be just as positive,” he croons, “depending on your politics.”

Ah, now I see. He has one for “Barack Hussein Obama,” which by the way is now virtually illegal to say. But I guess Matthews could get away with it back then, and maybe now too if Obama saw him standing up. “An un-Bush. David, he is the un-Bush! [Spittle flies out.] He’s sort of a gift from the world to us in so many ways.”

Ah, another insight. A gift from the world to us? Well, yeah, it must be true after all. *Sigh* The world hates us.

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