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Paranoia and violence on the left

First we have one reporter claiming he heard a supporter at a McCain/Palin rally shout out, “Kill him!” when Obama’s name came up. Based on only that word, newspapers around the US reported the story and hyperventilated about how concerned they are supporters of the right are “gripped by insane rage.” There were accusations and statements about Sarah Palin whipping supporters into a frenzy and crowds getting out of control.

Nevermind that for the past eight years threats, calls of death wished on Bush and others, and all manner of insults and extreme statements have been openly uttered without any whinging from the MSM.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out this whole “Kill him!” story may have been a mere fabrication. The Secret Service could find no evidence the incident ever occurred. (Via Ace)

OK, let’s review for a moment: One reporter claims he heard something, newspapers and commentators across the country pick it up with no questions asked, and the left is “outraged.” When questions are asked and no evidence is found, the left remains “outraged” and the editor only has something to say about “facts reported [being] true.” My question is this: What facts?

But that’s not the end of it. While the hypocritical left stand by and watch all this, and watch their messiah all but advocate tearing down the life of a man who dared to complain about his tax policies–

–they make sure the world knows about an incident in which a pair of young men at a Palin rally were “beaten up” by a couple of 65-year-old women a few days ago.

I would be included in those who normally condemn such, ehem, atrocities given I don’t condone violent actions to get a point across. Truth be told, however, I’m not having a great deal of sympathy with people who seem to be “ignorant” to the facts regarding repeated attacks, physical and verbal, on McCain/Palin supporters and their property. Property? Some may find it absurd I am making a case out of this, but the truth is that for many this sort of thing too often has been the precursor for what is yet to come: worse. Sarah Bernhardt on gleefully about Sarah Palin being gang raped, Madonna telling a concert audience she would kick Sarah Palin’s person; it’s not surprising their fans and leftie supporters, who tend to be one and the same, follow their despicable examples, or take it upon themselves to show the world their own insane rage:

*Obama supporters in Philadelphia sported “Sarah Parah is a [disgusting vulgarism referring to female genitalia]” t-shirts and yelled “Let’s stone her, old school” over the weekend.

*An Internet artist has designated Palin an “M.I.L.P” – “Mother I’d Like to Punch” – and published a drawing of a man’s fist knocking a tooth out of the Alaska governor’s mouth and the glasses off her face.

*“ABORT Palin” grafitti has sprouted on the sidewalks of Seattle and “Abort Sarah Palin” bumper stickers are spreading on Web stores.

*Sarah Palin-bashing Madonna performs before an audience of thousands, screeching and threatening to “kick her a**.”

*Getty Images publishes a photo of a man pointing a fake gun at the head of a cardboard cutout of Palin on display at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition building.

And no one blinks. Not a peep from the Obamedia.

But when Sarah Palin simply spotlights Obama’s longtime relationship with Weather Underground bombing terrorist Bill “We Didn’t Do Enough” Ayers?

“Inciting violence,” frets NBC reporter Ron Allen. “Concerned…for Senator Obama’s safety,” agonizes ABC reporter Terry Moran. “Beyond the pale,” cries Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. As if the no-holds-barred Obama campaign has ever had a rhetorical pale to stake.

All the world’s a Kabuki stage for the selectively outraged over rage.

So where were they all this time when this was going on?

And how about a month ago when a female McCain supporter was beaten over the head with the stick from a sign by a leftie who had this to say of his actions:

“It’s just those signs, and this election, it has me so upset.”

(Via Ace, here’s the direct link.)

What has happened to a country in which the most powerful newspapers look completely the other way when women are beaten up by the supporters of their candidate, the one they are so in the tank for that they fail the people of the United States by neglecting to report the most important details about Barack Obama but send out the cavalry and get the vapors because a plumber in Ohio, who dared ask The One a question, goes by his middle name? (Breathlessly they report, “And his name isn’t even Joe, it’s Samuel! Joe is his middle name!”)

About two months ago I thought I was being chicken shit and not living up to my duties as a responsible citizen by proclaiming my support not only for McCain, but also Palin, of whom I am a constituent and supporter. I was concerned my car would get keyed or broken into, neither of which I can afford as the single parent of a small child. But now, though they remain concerns, they appear to be the least of them. With such escalation of violent acts that go unpunished–nay even unreported–I can’t help but wonder: Will I be hurt? Will my child? These people seem to have no reservations about doctoring pictures of an eleven-year-old, spreading nastiness about an infant and his mother, mutilating property and drawing obscene scenes of abject violence–it’s so commonplace and accepted by so many on the left that I can no longer use ordinarily reliable measurements of decency to predict where it will end.


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