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The continuing saga of leftist vitriol, anger and violence

Uh, thanks, Allah. Almost lost my breakfast.

That was really funny, Terry Tate, did you think that up all by yourself? Or did you have to have Sandra Bernhardt in on a brainstorming session with you?

Well, Allah gives some background on this joker who apparently has some fans, although I personally can’t imagine what sort of humans could find this remotely amusing. “Unfunny” doesn’t even begin to describe how vile and disturbing not only this piece is, but anyone who could like it.

So let me review this again: there’s Madonna telling an audience of thousands how she is going to kick Sarah Palin’s person, Sarah Bernhardt raging-fantasising about Palin being gang raped, an artist’s depiction of Sarah Palin’s faced being punched so hard a tooth is knocked out and the glasses fly right off her face, and a mock up of someone pointing a gun at Palin’s head. And now this joker with his own twisted damp dream acted out to the framework of an already perverted Reebok commercial spot. How long ’til this becomes mainstream?

It’s not an unreasonable question given how there has been such a small amount of outroar coming from the press–if any at all. And why? Because they don’t like Palin’s political positions? Isn’t this supposed to be a country in which people can openly speak and tell their ideas–protected by the First Amendment? Since when do we go around perpetuating violence against those we disagree with? Of course there have always been “hits” on political figures, i.e. assassinations and attempts, and while not getting into any discussion on the merits of those, what I’m looking at here is the alarming phenomenon of public and private figures promoting and almost advocating physical aggression and violence–because they don’t like what someone said.

What happened to the days when you just didn’t vote for them?

We all know about schoolyard bullies and the routine theories re: how insecure they are, etc. Could these otherwise ordinary (word use relatively in some cases) beings be so threatened that killing or severely harming Palin makes them feel better about themselves and their insecurities? There’s an imbalance in this description, because “insecurity” seems too small a word to stand parallel and in partnership with the violence being promoted these days.

I also have to wonder: “Why Palin?” No, I’m not saying that in consideration of why Hillary wasn’t the object of such attacks. (Although Clinton did endure some abuse coming from self-hating idiots.) No, what I’m thinking about is that surely some of these people dislike John McCain as much as they do Sarah Palin. So how come nobody’s making the moves against McCain? Not that I am asking for it to happen, of course; it would be just as despicable. But the fact that he is a man can’t stop itself from crossing my mind, and the horrible consideration that even amongst the female population, violence against women not only is still acceptable, but also can be considered funny, especially when the intended target is someone who disagrees with them.

This is perhaps nowhere better reflected than in some of the video responses at the YouTube site itself, such as:

Maaan, she deserved that! Hilarious.


pretty sure dr. king would find this pretty lol-worthy


Get used to having a black president, you racist moron. Obama is going to win. And he’s the better candidate too.

Not only were there few comments that directly objected to the depiction of a large man crashing into a small female (what in real would have killed her), but there were ones such as the last (above) that justified it with the implication that she had it coming because of the alleged racism inherent in the McCain campaign and its supporters. In fact, the first reply I quoted above comes out and says, “[S]he deserved that!” And in failing to recognise their own out-of-control behavior and irrational ways of, erm, thinking, there even is the assertion that Martin Luther King would have approved.

By the way, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was Joe Biden’s baby. Why isn’t he speaking up against this monstrous trend?

With the Obama scare measures against freedom of speech already happening, a bunch of pre-pubes dressing up in fatigues to worship their candidate, children being indoctrinated to sing love songs to him, the proposal of some sort of civilian gang (funding same as the actual military’s) and now tacit approval of violence against Obama critics, I’m not only still wondering how far this will go, as I wrote last time, but also when the American Cultural Revolution starts.

Oh yeah: The media are spreading fears about “Republican anger” on election night. Snort.


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  1. Seems like some people have been infected with the U.N. disease. Think about this..
    Since we as a country has our congress signed a declaration of war? WW2 was the last time that happened. Between the end of WW2 and up till now Congress had not made or signed a declaration of war. And why is that? We are losing our Sovereignty to the U.N. Our Government is so fixed with U.N. that its a crying shame! This leads me to the candidates both McCain and Obama.
    These guys have a great potential to be destructive in an all blue house and senate. Both candidates show no respect for our constitution at all. They disregard it altogether. But which one can you trust? Both guys hopped on a plane and voted for the wall street bail out.. Trust one candidate over another nah I don’t think so.
    Both these guys both don’t protect our federal reserve notes AKA money and they both bellied up to the table and signed the bail-out. Thus making the federal reserve print out more money. We will all pay for that via “Inflation” folks this is not going to get better it’s going to get worse , this is my gut feeling.
    We have now people violating other people’s first amendment freedom of speech. Yup we are on a down ward spiral!
    LESS GOVERNMENT CONTROL AND INVOLEVMENT That was a very big player in the constitution our fathers wrote. They knew from experience and being under british rule that bigger government , violation of people’s and states rights was not good and had to go! I do not believe in making any reference to do harm to any people : male, female , all races , all colors is acceptable. These kind of actions is indeed “Un-American” and very “Un-Patriotic”
    While some of you beat another for supporting the “other team” I hope you realize your just beating , threatening another citizen of this country. Folks that’s called civil unrest. And it’s exactly what the “special interests groups” who funnel campaign money to these candidates wants.
    But go ahead , ignore my comment and go back to beating people over some damn campaign rhetoric.

    Thank God for the Militia{people}.. we are going to need it!

    Comment by DTMF | Sunday 19 October 2008 | Reply

  2. Actually I agree with you more than you may have thought. The only thing I “disagree” with is this: yes Obama and McCain really only leave us with a choice of which is less negative. In my opinion voting indy (or not voting) only gives strength to one or other of the above two candidates and what we need to do is focus on which of *these two* is more likely to hear what we have to say, and that is McCain. Obama has already shown not only his indifference to our concerns but also his contempt and willingness to beat free speech down and use the law to do it, as opposed to the law to protect it.

    It’s my opinion these incidents are grossly fueled by Barack Obama’s tacit approval of them. Note he was on about a report of someone threatening his life and his opponents had to come out and speak against it–a report that at the end of the day turned out not even to be true. But he remains silent on all these expressions of violence against Sarah Palin. The only thing about what I just said I am starting to question is whether the approval is even tacit anymore. Think: “get in their faces,” “argue with them.” What else has he said??

    Comment by fireweednectar | Sunday 19 October 2008 | Reply

  3. […] makes me wonder how far Biegel and others like her would take their anger and hatred for Palin and supporters if there were no limits imposed. We saw last winter a sampling of […]

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