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The multi-tasking bastard who is attempting in Alaska to dismantle the Constitution got me really worked up the other day. Well, in reality it wasn’t just him, but also my knowledge of the next day’s headlines screaming, “Palin abused power.”

I’m pretty new at this so I am not giving myself a lot of credit when I say I think the bloggers have made a huge difference in this campaign. Often we think of other countries when we talk about how hard it is to contain the Internet and getting the word out there: think Saudi blogger. (He has since been released.)

But now our very own MSM has tried and remains trying to disguise their cult-like adoration of all things Obama, despite the unimaginable damage he seems set to do to this country. It’s so unreal I often stop myself, thinking I am acting like a conspiracy theorist. But it’s all there, at first buried under the layers of cable, now coming out and being exposed more and more each day. I can only hope the citizens of this great nation, who stand on the shoulders of giants, I hope they have gotten the message in time.

While we wait–in my opinion it will be a nail-biting few weeks–we keep blogging and chatting and talking and praying and arguing, screaming at radios and shaking fists at televisions. In the midst of all that are some absolutely wonderful bloggers whose sense of humor is absolutely capital, humor that at times has helped me keep some perspective.

Over at Ace‘s page there’s an entry where a few people have been letting off some steam in a creative way: haiku. There’s at least one troller as well (and working pretty hard at it) but they’re taking it with humor. It’s perhaps the funniest entry I’ve seen ever, and my favorite post within it I think is this one:

If Obama wins

I will buy guns and hide them

for posterity

Posted by: Scott

Don’t let the bastards get you down…VOTE on 4 November!


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