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Chris Matthews: Rangoon, wherever that is

Sarah Palin doesn’t know enough about constitutional law or Supreme Court cases to suit some people, who seem to think this dearth of knowledge comes from her having failed to travel to as many countries as they believe she ought to have done.

Perhaps Chris Matthews should have been required to travel to Rangoon before being awarded his degree in journalism, or even his job. If he had, surely he would not soon forget it is the capital of Burma, aka Myanmar. Sure, Rangoon is now known, thanks to the thugs who run this southeast Asian country, as Yangon, but who cares about details?

I do! If Chris Mathews is going to go around posing as a journalist, a person whose job it is to say the news, then I expect him to know the news and where the places he is talking about actually are. I mean really, he did know there was a big storm there, didn’t he?

And perhaps actually what the new is. Matthews, who could barely keep his moaning in check, trilled, “An African-American, someone whose father came from Kenya, has been chosen by the American voters to succeed George W. Bush”? Um, excuse me? When did this happen and where was I on voting day?

A moment later the “journalist” compares this news to the opening of the Berlin Wall and the all-race voting in South Africa, “and it could be just as positive,” he croons, “depending on your politics.”

Ah, now I see. He has one for “Barack Hussein Obama,” which by the way is now virtually illegal to say. But I guess Matthews could get away with it back then, and maybe now too if Obama saw him standing up. “An un-Bush. David, he is the un-Bush! [Spittle flies out.] He’s sort of a gift from the world to us in so many ways.”

Ah, another insight. A gift from the world to us? Well, yeah, it must be true after all. *Sigh* The world hates us.


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